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Authentication Study of John F. Kennedy Signature Contained in Profiles In Courage

Autograph in our Profiles in Courage

Charles Hamilton's Autopen Patterns

John Kennedy has one of the more variable signatures of our Presidents both over time and even on the same day, as shown in some of the examples below. The first task in authentication is to ascertain whether it is a preprinted or facsimile signature or is an autopen. The ink shadow on the dust cover flap and examination of the signature rule out a preprint or facsimile signature. Autopen's are mechanical copies of real signature. I examined all of the known autopens from the Universal Autograph Collectors Club (UACC) "Study of Machine Signed Signatures" and  none of them match. Above are pictures of the two autopen patterns of John Kennedy identified by autograph expert Charles Hamilton which comes closest to our autograph. While neither of the two examples above are an exact match they have a lot of similarities.

The UACC study of the Presidential autographs of John F. Kennedy by Paul K. Carr which is pictured above also provides examples of Kennedy secretarial signatures by Evelyn Lincoln, Jill Cowan and Priscilla Wear and they do not match our autograph. Finally, I reviewed all the Presidential signatures of Kennedy in the UACC study and picked out the ones below which appear to be the closest matches.  Below I have pictured some of those with our example in the middle for comparison. They clearly appear to be written by the same person even though Kennedy became more sloppy and distinct during his Presidency and even the three proven examples from one day, September 14, 1961 are not identical.


Autograph in our Profiles in Courage



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