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Vintage Tammany Bank With Brown Pants And Original Paint

Offered here is a classic cast iron bank in the form of a man in a chair who nods his head when the weight of a coin in his hand pushes his hand and arm down and drops the coin in the bank.  This is known as the Tammany Bank, after the patronage happy Tammany Hall of New York City. An 1983 article about this bank that appeared in Hobbies Magazine by F. H. Griffith can be read by clicking here.  The article notes that the original patent for the bank was issued on December 23, 1873 and it was repatented on June 8, 1875 and manufactured by J. & E. Stevens Co. of  Cromwell, Connecticut. The offered bank notes both patent dates, the 1873 date on the back of the chair and the 1875 date on the bottom, as shown by the photographs above. 

This bank is complete and works fine mechanically.  It appears to have the original paint, which makes it rare and apparently the brown pants which makes it rarer still. An article noting the difference in prices for different pants colors at an auction in 2002 can be read at this web site and is excerpted below.

That auction is probably an outlier, but Tammany Banks that are complete, work mechanically, have original paint and brown pants are among the more valuable of those offered on the market. This is one of the nicer ones we have seen.

Price: $685/SOLD