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Lyndon Johnson In First Term in Elected Office In 1939
Shows He's The Master Politician

"I appreciate the opportunity to do this small favor for you"


This letter provides interesting insights into Lyndon Johnson as a very young politician. This is a rare letter from Johnson's first term in public office of what would be a long public career at a time when President Franklin Roosevelt played a big role in Johnson's life. Johnson had resigned from a position he was appointed to by FDR as head of the Texas National Youth Administration to run for Congress and soon thereafter helped him in securing a wartime assignment. Below they are pictured together shaking hands.

A lanky young LBJ shakes hands with FDR

The letter shows Johnson's political touch, learned in part as Secretary to Congressman Richard M. Kleberg in 1931, where he always responded swiftly and effectively to district voter concerns. The letter notes "as soon as your letter arrived" Johnson sprung into action and "contacted the Bureau of Fisheries," got the requested form and "I have endorsed it," and then thanks the constituent for "the opportunity to do this small favor for you." Johnson throughout his career was a master of the personal touch and of patronage to gain power and influence and this shows a very early example of his talents.

The letter also bears evidence of his remembrance of his experience as a legislative secretary and the important role the secretary played in those days by including the name of his own secretary, Sherman Birdwell, on the right corner of the stationary.

This letter is before the autopen was widely used and before Johnson had a large staff to sign all his letters and at time when he was used to doing this kind of work himself. The B. is disconnected from the J of Johnson like many of his authentic early signatures.  It is a wonderful early example of Johnson's official letters giving a good view of him as the early master politician.

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