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1957 Letter As United States Senate Majority Leader to Robert Six President of Continental Airlines
 and Husband of Audrey Meadows (Alice Kramden of "Honeymooners" Fame) 

This letter came from the estate of Audrey Meadows (Alice Kramden of "Honeymooners" Fame) who was the wife of Robert Six, the President of Continental Airlines based in Denver, Colorado (they also had a home in Beverly Hills). Robert Six had apparently written a telegraph to Johnson on airlines business and Johnson sends him back a short note acknowledging the request.

The year of our letter is also the year Johnson achieved what he believed to be his greatest accomplishment as a United States Senator, the passage of the first civil rights bill in 82 years, the Civil Rights Act of 1957, which sought to give protections for blacks to vote in the South.

This kind of short communication from a congressman or senator acknowledging comments on pending legislation is almost always signed by a secretary or through the use of an autopen, even it is sent to a powerful airline executive with a famous wife. Still, it is a nice memento mixing politics, the aviation industry and Hollywood and was sent when Lyndon Johnson was at the height of his legislative powers as Majority Leader of the United States Senate.

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