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1959 Letter as Majority Leader To Hospitalized Senate
Democrat Joseph O'Mahoney, Signed "Lyndon"


This letter and signature bear all the indicia of authenticity of a rare Lyndon Johnson personally signed letter! It is written to a fellow United States Senator, Joseph O'Mahoney of Wyoming, and member of Johnson's Democratic Caucus and thus someone more important to Johnson's power than anyone outside the Senate. It is written to a friend who is sick, a member who had served in the Senate since 1934 with only a two year interruption, and Johnson signs it with the personal "Lyndon" rather than his formal full name. This one's a keeper.

The letter mentions Gale McGee and Mike Manatos as persons that Johnson checked with about O'Mahoney's medical condition during the legislative session and specifically asked O'Mahoney to to contact Manatos if he needs anything. Mike N. Manatos was probably on O'Mahoney's staff and went on to become Special Assistant to President John F. Kennedy serving under Lawrence F. O'Brien in the congressional liaison office. Gale W. McGee was a former staff member of Senator O'Mahoney who was in his first year in the United States Senate representing Wyoming at the time of our letter.

The letter is clean and bright, with a nice authentic personal signature and shows the little personal touches that are important to securing and maintaining political power, of which Lyndon Johnson was a master.

Price: $375/SOLD