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Lyndon Johnson 1960 Letter to Fellow Texan
Year He Is Elected Vice President

"It is always helpful to hear the thinking of my fellow Texans"

This Lyndon Johnson legislative business letter is to B. F. Barnett, President of the Citizens First National Bank of Tyler, Texas is in reply to Barnett's support for lifting the interest rate cap on long term government bonds, a subject which would naturally attract the interest of a banker. Johnson gives a non-committal response to the banker's request, probably because anything that Republican President Dwight D. Eisenhower and a banker could support would be perceived by a Democrat as hurting the interests of their constituents, in this case those purchasing government bonds.

Johnson at the time was running for President of the United States and would later get 408 votes for President at the Democratic National Convention. But that was not enough and he chose to join the team led by John F. Kennedy as the Vice Presidential nominee of the party.

This appears too routine of correspondence to garner a personal signature of Johnson and is likely a secretarial signature.

Price: $60/SOLD