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Manuscript First Person Account of 1961 Inauguration

Seven (7) Pages Describe Snow Storm Day Before Inauguration, Inauguration Parade and More

    This one of a kind account is of someone who attended the 1961 Inauguration activities in Washington, D.C. It appears to be a women from the State of New York who wrote the document in pencil on yellow legal paper.  In some places it reads like the first draft of a news magazine record of the event. It is six and a quarter handwritten pages with the first three pages written on both sides of the paper.The account starts with the difficulties caused by the cold weather and big snow storm on January 19, 1961. 

Eight inches of snow was dumped on the City of Washington Jan. 19th and inaugural festivities went haywire for 24 hectic hours before the 35th Pres. took office...the City's core was a hopeless wallow of skidding tires, dead batteries and empty gas tanks.  A tall lanky figure trying to hitch a ride during the height of the storm seemed vaguely familiar.  So did the voice - shouting "Hey Buddy, how about a ride?"  It was Senator Kefauver.

Ex. Pres. Hoover's plane, after circling the closed Wash. Airport several times, returned to Miami...In the middle of the afternoon Mr. Kennedy sent his motorcade of big cars to get chains and saw them no more that day.  He switched to a smaller car.

Of the big day she writes:

Inauguration Day dawned - sunny, windy and cold - about 20...Undaunted by the icy winds an estimated crowd of 1 million turned out to watch the Inaugural Parade along the 2 3/4 mile course. The parade with 32,000 marchers, 41 floats, 72 bands, 13 drum and bugle corps and a horde of horses and mules whould have measured 8 mi. long.

The Pres. and Pres. elect left the White House for the Capitol at 11:31 a.m.  Althou' he arrived at the Capitol in plenty of time Kennedy was late for the ceremony.  It was 12:20, instead of noon, when the Pres. elect arrived on the Inauguration stand. After the Marine Band played "America the Beautiful" Cardinal Cushing of Boston pronounced the invocation followed by Marion Anderson who sang "The Star Spangled Banner."

The manuscript has a detailed account of the parade. Her home state is identified by this passage: "All the Gov. of the states with their ladies rode by - including our Gov. Rockefeller who in the a.m. had canceled trip because of strike."


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