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The Hon. Sir Robert Romer


This is an original 1891 Vanity Fair print of Judge Robert Romer. It has full borders and comes matted to a standard frame size of 16 x 20 inches and is enclosed in a protective plastic sleeve. It also comes with the biography by Jehu Junior published with the print that tells of Romer's rise to the bench and includes an explanation of why he is called "Bob":

"He is so cheery looking that the name of 'Bob' seems to fit him as it were his own personal property. He used often to be seen on the river on Sunday; but since he has grown into a Judge he has become more the slave of the proprieties; so that if he still continue to break the Sabbath - (which is not admitted) - he does so privily, not letting his neighbour know what he doeth."

Price: $110

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