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Mr. Gainsford Bruce, Q.C., D.C.L., M.P.


This rather sorry looking specimen of manhood is Mr. Gainsford Bruce drawn by Sir. Leslie Ward (signed as "Spy") in 1892. Mr. Bruce was a lawyer and member of Parliament and later went on to become a judge (shown below in a later Vanity Fair print).

Jehu Junior in his description of Attorney Bruce, which is included with the print, notes that "no fewer that four several constituencies  - all in the North whence he came - rejected him before the Holborn Division of Finsbury put any value on him," and that he "is a rather dull but wholly estimable Tory of the uncompromising , eighteenth century kind."

As shown above, there is a reddish mark in the top right corner and a little warping of the paper in the bottom left corner, less prominent in person that in the digital photo. Still, Mr. Excitement makes a decent presentation in his staid dark suit and top hat and that don't make these 1892 lawyer prints anymore.

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