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Mr. Herbert Henry Asquith, Q. C., M. P.

"East Fife"

Future Prime Minister of England

This is an original 1891 Vanity Fair print by Sir Leslie Ward (signed as "Spy") of lawyer and Member of Parliament Herbert Henry Asquith, known during his lifetime as H. H. Asquith, who later went on to fame as Prime Minister of England from 1908 though 1916, the start of World War I.  His accomplishments as Prime Minister included the first enactment of the social welfare programs that are the staple of Western democracies, Social Security for the elderly and Unemployment Compensation for those who have lost their jobs.

The print comes already matted to a standard frame size of 16 x 20 inches and encased in a protective plastic sleeve. It also comes with a typed copy of the Jehu Junior biography that accompanied the print upon its publication in 1890. This time the perceptive Junior and the conventional wisdom get it wrong, for the biography says,

"Being a better lawyer than he is a statesman, he has not belied his Oxford reputation at the Bar; be he has been something of a disappointment to his Party in Parliament."

The very talented and ambitious Asquith proved this assessment wrong by his rise to the highest political position in England. The print has evidence of a paperclip and a foxing stain at the top margin but otherwise makes a nice presentation.

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