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Mr. Alfred Cock, Q. C.

"He has leathern lungs and a voice of brass"

This original 1891 Vanity Fair print pictures barrister Mr. Alfred Cock, Q. C., arguing in court with the inscription on the bottom, "He has leathern lungs and a voice of brass." The ever frank Jehu Junior in his description says this of the talents and style of attorney Cock:

"His knowledge of law is limited; but he believes in the supreme importance of getting facts to come out on his own side. Consequently he is very commonly guilty of a resounding and jovial laugh; but which he has pointed many an absurdity screwed out of a hostile witness driven to desperation by his loud and persistent badgering: which method, combined with his inimitable manner of putting a broadly humorous view of his opponent's case before a jury, has been worth thousands to him."

The print comes already matted with acid free mat board to a standard frame size of 16 x 20" and is enclosed in a protective plastic sleeve. It also come with the description of Mr. Cock that originally appeared in Vanity Fair.

Price: $85

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