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Mr. Cornelius Marshall Warmington, Q. C.,  M. P.

"Director's Liability"

This is an original 1891 Vanity Fair print of Barrister and Member of Parliament Cornelius Warmington shown in his court attire leaning against a wall fingering his sideburns.

The lithograph comes already matted to a standard frame size of 16 x 20 inches and enclosed in a protective plastic sleeve. It also comes with a biography and assessment of lawyer Warmington published with the print in 1891 which explains the reference to "Director's Liability" in the title:

"On his second venture he gain a seat in Parliament, where he has now sat for five years; be he is less considered there than he is in Court.  He has succeeded in enabling deserted married women to live at their husbands' expense without the intervention of their parish authorities: be he has been able to turn his very sound knowledge of company law to no better account than the manufacture of an ill-considered Directors' Liability Act; and however good a lawyer he may be, his is unconstitutional enough to pose as a Gladstonian Liberal."

The biography also takes a few more shots at Warmington:

"He is a bad speaker; yet everyone who has dealings with Mr. Justice Kekewich is anxious to pay for his advocacy....He is a cheerful little man who walks through New Square as though it belong to him."

Despite such disparagement, in 1908 Warmington was made a baronet, and his family has held that title every since.

Price: $75

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