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The Honorable Sir Roland Vaughan Williams

"The Mandarin"

This original Vanity Fair print published on December 13, 1890 pictures Judge Roland Williams on the bench or at his desk surrounded by law books and writing with a quill pen. At the bottom of the print is the title "The Mandarin."

In his biography of Judge Williams he explains the print moniker "Mandarin" by reference to his style as an advocate:

"As a Counsel, he argued untraditionally, not shaking his forefinger at any Judge _ as they do at the Old Bailey - nor even working an imaginary pump-handle - as they do a Nisi Prius; but continually wagging his head after the manner of the china Mandarin which is a common object of the suburban mantelpiece. Nevertheless, being a sound lawyer, a quite upright man, and a friend of Lord Halsbury, he was eminently qualified for a seat on the Bench."

The print comes with the biography that was published with the print and is already matted to a standard frame size of 16 x 20 inches and enclosed in a plastic sleeve.

Price: SOLD