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Abraham Lincoln Civil War Caricature

November 5, 1864

This is a rare caricature by the famed John Tenniel that states the names of Lincoln and Davis above their caricatures a few days before the critical 1864 presidential election. Tenniel and the British elite thought Lincoln was sure to lose the election but he won by a popular vote of 55% to 45% and an overwhelming electoral vote majority.

Lincoln In Caricature by Rufus Rockwell Wilson

 The cartoon, The American Brothers; or How Will They Get Out of It, appeared in London Punch on November 5, 1864. It pictures Mr. Lincoln and Mr. Davis bound to adjacent benches by ropes, significantly labeled “Debts.” Thus Punch again voiced the impression then prevalent in certain circles in England that Mr. Lincoln’s defeat at the approaching election was a foregone conclusion. Happily this impression was a mistaken one. Tenniel’s cartoon was still wet from the press when Mr. Lincoln was reelected by the largest majority in the Electoral College up to that time ever given to a candidate.

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