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Abraham Lincoln Civil War Caricature

February 18, 1865

This interesting cartoon picturing Lincoln as a lawyer counseling his client the American Eagle in Uncle Sam garb to be prudent in his service of legal process lest it backfire. It was the last caricature of Lincoln in Punch while he was alive.

Lincoln In Caricature by Rufus Rockwell Wilson

 The cartoon, The Threatening Notice, appeared in London Punch on February 18, 1865, when Tenniel caricatured the living Lincoln for the last time. It represents the President remonstrating with the American eagle in the dress of Uncle Sam over the Senate’s proposed abrogation of Canadian treaties.

  “Now, Uncle Sam,” Mr. Lincoln is reported as saying, ‘you are in a darned hurry to serve this notice on John Bull. Now, it is my duty, as your attorney, to tell you that you may drive him over to that cuss, Davis.”

 But John Bull was not to be driven “over to that cuss, Davis.” Two months later the war was ended, Mr. Lincoln dead, and Mr. Davis in flight from what proved early capture by Union troopers.

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