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1861 Winslow Homer Civil War Wood Engraving

The Georgia Delegation In Congress

This is Winslow Homer's wood engraving of the State of Georgia delegation to the United States Congress which served as the cover of the January 5, 1861 Harper's Weekly. They were newsworthy because a statewide election in Georgia on January 2, 1861 voted in favor of holding a secession convention at which Alexander Stephens, later the Confederate Vice President, spoke eloquently for staying in the Union.. For more about Georgia's secession vote go to this web site.

One of the most striking images of the Georgia delegation is that of Robert A. Toombs who is pictured below. He was a United States Senator, Secretary of State of the Confederate States of America and, when he resigned over differences with Jefferson Davis whose job he wanted, he became a Brigadier General commanding Georgia troops in some important Civil War battles, including Antietam where he was wounded. A more complete biography is available here.

Below is the print as matted to a standard frame size of 16 x 20 inches, which will be it simple and easy to pop into a reasonably priced frame. It will come in a protective plastic sleeve.

Price: SOLD