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Winslow Homer Every Saturday Wood Engraving

  Framed Print "THE ROBIN'S NOTE"

This Winslow Homer print appeared as the cover of the July 20, 1870 issue of Every Saturday. The maiden relaxing on the hammock can hear and see two robins, one on a branch and the other in flight. Below is the text that accompanied the engraving in 1870.

The two parallel horizontal lines in the print are a result of the wood block technology used to make the engraving, it is separation between the wood blocks carved to make the print. The Homer works in Every Saturday are more uncommon than most of his engravings and since this one was a cover piece there were fewer still of these likely to survive in good condition. This Winslow Homer engraving comes already matted and framed and with hanging hardware making it ready to hang with pride on your wall or to give as a treasured gift.

Price: $275

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